Off-chain Systems

Since off-chain architecture is highly product-specific, the only requirement, broadly speaking for Exponent’s off-chain system, is to ensure that assets are not at risk from critical security vulnerabilities. For example, off-chain systems have no ability to freeze funds or take custody of assets. This is necessary for a trust-minimized system.

  • User-facing application: The client interactions between the users and the product. The client will be designed and developed from scratch by the Exponent team as a web3 decentralized application. The interactions with the product itself should always be possible even when the interface is unavailable, as the most critical part of the system lives on-chain.

  • Strategies Infrastructure: Systems put in place to ensure that capital deployed in strategies behaves as expected. This may include the ability to automate on-chain settlements in a controlled manner, monitor current APY returns, or alerts in cases where risks exceed the expected threshold of each strategy.

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