The Exponent Roadmap focuses on the steps the team will take to approach the vision of becoming a fully decentralized autonomous community. It consists of 4 phases.

Phase 1: Navigation

The first phase of the roadmap, consists of the initial core contributors as we source, identify, and navigate the market to achieve a problem-solution fit. The navigation phase serves as the genesis of an idea and the focus of the project moving forward.
  • Bootstrap the initial capital through seed investments
  • Explore available opportunities within the market
  • Fail fast and learn through product iterations and user discovery

Phase 2: Activation

The second phase of the roadmap is when we bring in community members onto our journey. We will gather crypto mindshares, utilize XPN to pave the paths toward community-owned and co-developed products.
  • Develop community-focused products as a means to onboard members
  • Pave the path toward contributor engagement
  • Release of XPN Tokens
  • Initial liquidity mining rewards & Airdrops

Phase 3: Expansion

The third phase of the roadmap is when we scale out both teams and product offerings across DeFi and crypto networks. This phase utilizes token incentives to achieve growth and value alignment across the community. The focus is on growing the value created and expanding our ecosystem
  • Expand the size of the core set of contributors through community onboarding
  • More cross-chain and multi-chain strategies
  • More DeFi product offerings across market segments

Phase 4: Graduation

The final phase of the roadmap is when Exponent as a protocol realizes its vision as a decentralized autonomous community. The organization is distributed with autonomous sub-teams and multiple product suites. The core team is no longer a central point of coordination failure. Instead, XPN and the DAO become the shelling point and the coordination tool across the organization.
  • Teams become distributed as individual autonomous guilds
  • DAO contract and XPN as the central coordination tool
  • Values are captured and accrued to the DAO and XPN token holder
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