Fennec Stash

Web3 Cash Account

Fennec Stash is an Automated Capital Allocation & Risk Monitoring solution for Web3 organizations, DAOs, and investment clubs


Fennec Stash is built with the following objectives in mind:

  1. Simplify and Automate – Create Infrastructure to reduce engineering and operational risks. Assign rules and third-party roles, as well as automate emergency actions.

  2. Individualize – Allow users to adjust vault and strategy parameters to meet their objectives.

  3. Trustless and transparent – Never take custody of user assets while enabling them to conduct on-chain transactions trustlessly.

  4. Risk managed – Provide dedicated dashboards, risk monitors, and notification systems to help users remain vigilant about all treasury positions and activities.

  5. Gnosis Safe integration: Enable direct interaction with the Exponent dApp from the Gnosis SAFE UI



Infrastructure built on top of Gnosis SAFE that allows for role delegation and permission settings.

The key design goals for the vault include:

  1. Removing capital deployment friction for organizations without sacrificing control.

  2. Minimizing the principal-agent risk through the use of contract-level validations.

  3. Retaining future compatibility with constantly evolving DeFi protocols.

Teams, for instance, can delegate a third-party manager to carry out specific transactions with a single wallet and revoke this privilege at any point.

Capital Allocation Strategies

Exponent offers strategies that provide safe stablecoin yield for risk-conscious organizations. These strategies are developed based on the following principles:

  • Principal protection – Risk management measures are implemented that prioritize safety over yields.

  • Risk-adjusted yield – Autonomously rebalance between yield sources to optimize returns based on market conditions.

  • Instant updates – Users can seamlessly enable, disable, and update strategies and strategy parameters at any time.

Users can deposit USDC into their Fennec Stash Vault and choose to enable or disable these strategies at any time.

Risk Monitoring & Alerting System

Each strategy is accompanied by a risk monitoring dashboard tracking general stablecoin risk metrics and strategy-specific on-chain risk metrics, providing clear risk parameters to protect funds, track market exposure, and manage market volatility.

Alerts can be configured to be sent out via Discord, Telegram, or other high-priority communication channels such as PagerDuty to all relevant parties when any metric reaches a pre-defined threshold.

This risk management solution allows teams to operate and grow their treasury securely.


Fennec Stash charges an annual fee. The fee is deducted directly from the vault and used to cover operational expenses.

Premium access to the risk dashboard, accounting, and reporting tools is available upon request.

Get Started

To set up and configure a Fennec Stash Vault, contact the Exponent team at contact@exponent.ai or on Discord.

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