Fennec Async Kit (Coming Soon)

Trustless Multi-Sig Transaction Scheduler

Fennec Async Kit is a tool that allows Web3 organizations to trustlessly schedule transactions beforehand, and execute when their set parameters are met.


With Fennec Async Kit, teams will be able to place limit orders or DCA into ETH based on conditions they set. Key features of v 1.0 include:

  • Organization login via Web3

  • Set limit orders or a DCA schedule

  • Adjust order parameters including:

    • Setting a limit price

    • Amount to purchase

    • Start date

    • Purchasing frequency (for DCA)

    • End date

  • Automatic, gas-free execution once the order is placed


The engineering design philosophy for Fennec Async Kit includes:

  • Unburden Gnosis SAFE users from the complexity of time-sensitive operations, gas management, nonce management, and swap configurations.

  • Inherit and build on the security of the Gnosis SAFE's M-of-N threshold assumption instead of compromising the contract with the module’s own security model.

  • The module stays non-custodial. The delegate address (the backend service agent executing the transaction) does not have the ability to execute transactions without valid signatures.

  • Introduce a new model for asynchronous, inflight transactions instead of relying on synchronous, FIFO queues.

  • Give Gnosis SAFE signers the ability to opt-out of any inflight transaction they have committed to.

  • Orders are 100% private and will only be revealed atomically as the transaction gets settled.

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