Welcome to Exponent

As Web3 organizations and DAOs accumulate capital inflow, treasury and risk management become critical to long-term operations and growth. Treasury management, however, can be complex in planning, operation, and execution. While there are opportunities for capital to be deployed into DeFi protocols to earn yield and sustain runways, teams often shy away due to perceived risks, and the time and effort necessary to effectively manage working capital with coherent strategies.
Exponent is on a mission to unlock treasury deployment at scale for decentralized communities, helping teams increase resiliency and grow by delivering embedded treasury governance services that are closely coupled with risk monitoring, analytics, and capital allocation products.
The Exponent platform offers a suite of products and services consisting of:
  • Embedded governance services
  • A bespoke non-custodial vault.
  • A suite of risk monitoring and alerting infrastructure.
  • Automated capital allocation and yield optimization strategies.
Through Exponent’s offerings, Web3 builders can focus on building and accelerating their products, rather than being distracted with treasury and DeFi operations.
Last modified 2mo ago