Team and Workgroups

Community plays an important role in the viability of Exponent as a treasury product guild. We will chart a path towards progressive decentralization to systemically expand our capability over time.

Phase 1: Core Contributors Only

Phase 2: Expand Community Contributors

Phase 3: Distributed Teams of Community-ran guilds

Eventually, the north star for Exponent's organizational structure is to have the organization structured as guilds- fully autonomous teams with a singular focus, with XPN as a meta coordination tool across teams. Some of the guilds we can expect to expand towards in the future:

  • Product Development Guild: Responsible for the design and development of new products

  • Strategy Analyst Guild: Responsible for the definition and creation of new strategies

  • Infrastructure Guild: Responsible for the development and maintenance of off-chain infrastructure to support individual products or strategies.

  • Operations Guild: Responsible for DAO operations, ensuring that systems and processes run smoothly.

  • Growth Guild: Responsible for marketing, content, go-to-market, and engaging in external interactions.

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