Governance Objectives

The Exponent DAO is a product guild oriented around treasury management and financial products for Web3 teams. Governance within Exponent has a number of key objectives:

  • Scale strategy creation: Expand the number of strategies and integrations the DAO generates and maintains to expand across networks and protocols

  • Scale key product offerings: Continuously design, develop and ship more treasury-focused products and amplify the value generated across the ecosystem.

  • Progressive decentralization: Distribute key decisions, product ownership, and value captured by the protocol to the community of active contributors over time.

XPN is intended to be used for the governance of the products developed and as a coordination tool to ensure value alignment between all stakeholders. The token is key to the fundamental mission of the project as it expands its scope to cover networks, protocols, and broaden the use cases for treasuries across all web3 organizations.

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